Françoise Sullivan. Hommages

February 28 to April 21, 2019

Curators: Gilles Daigneault and Margarida Mafra

From February 28 to April 21 2019, the Guido Molinari Foundation presented Françoise Sullivan. Hommages, a selection of paintings made at the turn of the millennium, in tribute to Sullivan’s painter friends deceased at that time. To this corpus of historical works (dedicated to Edmund Alleyn, Ulysse Comtois, Marcelle Ferron and Guido Molinari) will be added two recent works, made specifically for our exhibition, in tribute to John Heward and Fernand Leduc. In addition, each of Sullivan’s Hommages will be accompanied by a major work of the artist to whom it is dedicated.

On the first floor, the Foundation proposes an installation of eight preparatory studies by Sullivan, for the execution of the large painting in honor of Fernand Leduc.

Finally, the bank’s safe will be exhibit portraits of all the participants of this project, taken by Louise Descôteaux, Alicia Lorente, Gabor Szilasi and Richard-Max Tremblay.

Read the exhibition flyer below: