With its considerable collection of works, the Guido Molinari Foundation is dedicated to promoting and perpetuating Molinari’s creative work, as well as that of other contemporary artists, both current and emerging. Essentially, the Foundation’s vision is as follows:

  • to keep Molinari’s memory alive;
  • to become the reference museum for Molinari’s work, a place for the dissemination, creation and exchange of contemporary art; an inclusive, audacious and innovative organization, in the image of its creator.

To this vision we can certainly add an educational vocation, given Molinari’s undeniable interest in education and the transmission of knowledge, having himself taught for 27 years at Concordia University until his retirement in 1997.

To this end, the Foundation recognizes the importance of education in fulfilling its mission, and the development of educational and mediation activities contributes to its vision.

Photo : Anthony Nadon.