Festival Orange: Performance by Marie Brassard

October 15, 2015

As part of the Festival Orange, the Foundation was pleased to host a performance by multidisciplinary artist Marie Brassard which took place in the space devoted to the exhibition of Guido Molinari’s Quantifyers, on Thursday October 15th at 7 pm This never previously performed work, which is also be a tribute to the great German artist Joseph Beuys, is entitled Honey and Felt.

This is what Marie Brassard has to say about this work:

“Beuys is not well known as an artist outside of Europe. If alive, he would today be 94 years old. By speaking about him, I am also speaking, obliquely of course, about myself. As an artist. Of course.
Conversing with oneself often occurs when admiration for the works of others leads to self-acknowledgment, to seeking our own identity. We are transitory beings and our works will persist long after we have perished.
My first contact with his art took place in Berlin, where I lived in the 90s. The work that remains most clearly in my memory is a suit made of felt, suspended on a hanger. When looking through books on the work of Beuys, my eye is constantly drawn to this abandoned suit of clothing. I am constantly returning to this image because it touches me, in its evocation of death, of disappearance.
I see it as a suit of passage.”

Marie Brassard is an author, stage director and actress. For more than fifteen years, her career was closely linked to that of Robert Lepage. In 2001, she established her own production company, Infrarouge, for which she acts as artistic director. Since then, she has worked in close cooperation with musicians and visual artists in creating shows in surrealist moods in which video, light and sound combine in the starring roles. In her productions, interweaving voices and music create a world which is beyond all levels of reality, in which the borders between private and public are suppressed and an intimacy is created between technology and the human race. This relationship between art and technology is characteristic of an artistic practice which is unique on the contemporary theatrical scene. Her work has been presented and warmly received in over twenty countries in Europe and in the Americas, as well as in Australia.

 Joseph Beuys: costume de feutre
Joseph Beuys: Costume de feutre.