In Guido’s studio

Permanent exhibition

Composed of the tools and materials used by Guido Molinari, this workshop is preserved in its original, authentic state and on permanent display.

Guido Molinari: affect and emotionality

“I understood this key dimension of Molinari’s painting, said to be cerebral, systemic, etc., when I visited the sort of wardrobe where he prepared his colors. It was like being at the center of the earth, in the middle of molten magma. Color was everywhere: on the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling, on his shoes, on his clothes… I was the antithesis of the laboratory that some artists’ studios resemble, with their tubes of color and brushes in a flower vase. What was going on here had little to do with science or medicine. It was more like a carpenter’s bench, a forge, a painter’s studio… but a house painter’s studio. Was there an old proletarian background in Molinari, which would also explain his attraction to the working-class neighborhood where he had settled?”
– François-Marc Gagnon, 2006