Exhibition – Residency: Caroline Cloutier, Variations / Marie-Claire Blais, From left to right, in marble and in wood

September 24 to November 1, 2020

This year, for its 6th artist residency, the Foundation innovates once again: our residency space will harbour two young artists over the next two years, Marie-Claire Blais and Caroline Cloutier, who share many concerns and are both seen with esteem in the milieu. The artists will alternate in the roles of main resident and counterpoint, in a formula that will somewhat diminish the transitory nature of the residency experience. Marie-Claire Blais and Caroline Cloutier have both always been drawn strongly to space and architecture, light and geometries. These are the true raw materials of their ventures. Blais trained as an architect before turning to the visual arts, where she has relentlessly constructed and deconstructed space in her drawings. Cloutier, for her part, strives to poetically articulate the real and virtual spaces inherent in the sites that host her work, often via breathtaking photographic techniques that give rise to fictional openings. The works of Caroline Cloutier —the main resident this year— are united under the title Variations. In counterpoint, Marie-Claire Blais’s sound piece —inspired by the line of black granite that traverses the main gallery— inhabits the very evocative space of the bank vault, and is entitled From left to right, in marble and in wood.

Marie-Claire Blais, From left to right, in marble and in wood, 2020.