The Guido Molinari Foundation Building, 3290 St. Catherine Street East (at Darling).


The Guido Molinari Foundation occupies the building of a former branch of the Montreal City and District Savings Bank, built in 1927-28. After the institution departed the premises, Molinari acquired them in 1982 for the purposes of his studio and living quarters. The artist occupied the building until his death in 2004. Between 2006 and 2012, the _naturehumaine architectural firm worked on the rehabilitation and adaptation of the building as a place to store, show and explain contemporary art and to serve as a focus for the activities of the Foundation. The results received an Award of Excellence from the Ordre des architectes du Québec in 2013 (Interior Design Category).

The links below provide access to a history of the architecture of the building, of its neighborhood and of its original designer as well as an analysis of the 2006-2012 work. The historical text was written by Claudine Déom and is based on research by Ms. Déom and by Émilie Vézina-Doré. A biographical note on Ms. Déom and further particulars appear at the end of her text.

A second text, relating to the work done by _naturehumaine, is an adaptation of an article by artist and curator Meredith Carruthers which appeared in Canadian Architect magazine, March 2014 issue.

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