Molinari: About some key works

April 20 to June 16, 2017

Around thirty ”chosen works” by the artist offer a privileged access to his oeuvre, with an almost didactical take, by first identifying two different passions of Molinari: colour works, on the ground floor, and those using only black, upstairs.

Then, by dwelling on two cult series: the famous black-and-white works that occupied the artist during the second half of the fifties and the great Sériels from the late sixties.

And gravitating around these two centres of attraction—those preceding or following in time—, a few moments of grace isolated from their context, that constitute so many hinges, passages from one form of writing to another, that denote hesitations, experiments, digressions, changes of course, advancements and regressions. In short, everything that makes a work organic and convivial.

Read the exhibition flyer below: