Exhibition – Residency: Tons, Teintes, Nuances

March 2 to May 28, 2023

This exhibition is the result of a residency of five Montreal artists (Karine Fréchette, Nicolas Grenier, Luce Meunier, Ianick Raymond and Julie Trudel) who have made colour a central aspect of their practice. Nouveau genre abstractionists, they readily admit that their relationship to colour is everchanging, influenced by the current chromatic landscape generated by nature, manufactured objects, natural and artificial lighting or that of screens.

Their artistic practices are considerably varied; yet the group shares a penchant for experimentation, hybridity and questioning the distinctions between painting and sculpture. United by the desire to capture the elusive character of color, they pursue research similar to the very concerns of the Plasticiens.

Come and participate in the dialogue created between the unpublished works of these five artists and the paintings of Guido Molinari.

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Exhibition views: