Past Events

September 21 – December 17, 2017

Time, Lines. Drawings from Concordia : 1948 -2017

What do Marie-Claude Bouthillier, Sylvain Bouthillette, Denis Demers, Giuseppe Di Leo, John Fox, Marc Garneau, Yves Gaucher, Betty Goodwin, Trevor Gould, Jim Holyoak & Matt Shane, Sophie Jodoin, Peter Krausz, Suzy Lake, Sophie Lanctôt, Stéphane La Rue, Naomi London, Thérèse Mastroiacovo, Patrick McEown, Guido Molinari, Diane Morin, Adrian Norvid, Sarah Pupo, Vincent Routhier, Marigold Santos, Françoise Sullivan, Marion Wagschal and Irene F. Whittome have in common?

Not much, to tell the truth! Except… all these artists were once at Concordia (or Sir George Williams), as students and/or professors, and just happened to create captivating drawings which, seen together, offer an intriguing view of the discipline as a whole.

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April 20 – June 16, 2017

Molinari : about some key works

Around thirty «chosen works» by the artist offer a privileged access to his oeuvre, with an almost didactical take, by first identifying two different passions of Molinari: colour works, on the ground floor, and those using only black, upstairs.

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March 18, 2016

Musique à voir IV – Quatuor Molinari

Concert by Quatuor Molinari during the exhibition Spectres.




March 12, 2016


Electronic music concert with the three artists from Spectres. Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Pascal Audet and Emmanuel Lagrange-Paquet




January 19 – March 19, 2017

Spectres : an exhibition with Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Pascal Audet and Emmanuel Lagrange Paquet

The Guido Molinari Foundation has invited multidisciplinary artist Jean-Pierre Gauthier to create on site new mechanical systems which will relate to Molinari’s studio and works, with a view to generating images and sounds which will offer novel perspectives on the painter’s development.



March 10 –  June 12, 2016

L’Actuelle, a non-figurative art gallery (1955-1957)


Molinari_56_10_18_2_6 - copieThe Guido Molinari Foundation presented an exhibition which told the story of the L’Actuelle gallery. This little known episode in the development of the visual arts in Quebec got underway on May 28th, 1955, when Molinari and journalist Fernande Saint-Martin opened a gallery entirely devoted to non-figurative art, an art form often held in low esteem at the time by society generally, as well as by museums and galleries. Read more >


April 29, 2016

Informal talk with Françoise de Repentigny


image-repentignyAs part of its exhibition L’Actuelle, a non-figurative art gallery (1955-1957), the Guido Molinari Foundation invited journalist Françoise de Repentigny, who was also the wife of art critic Rodolphe de Repentigny, to give an informal and convivial talk in order to bring back to life the context of that distant past.


April 24, 2016

Music to see II

Quartet Molinari

image-quatuor Amid the more than fifty works of art which were exhibited at L’Actuelle between May 1955 and May 1957, visitors heard a group of string quartets composed in the 1950’s by François Morel, Jean Papineau Couture and Krzystof Penderecki, as well as Quatuor IV by Montreal composer Jean Lesage, born in 1958.


April 3, 2016

Round table discussion

L’Actuelle, yesterday and today : same challenges?


table ronde 5The Guido Molinari Foundation has organized a round table discussion entitled «L’Actuelle hier et aujourd’hui: même combat?» (L’Actuelle, yesterday and today: same challenges?)  The discussion will bear on the particular status of the gallery, which was founded by artists, in the cultural landscape of Montreal in the 1950’s.                                 Participants will be Mathieu Beauséjour, Emmanuel Galland, Marie-Josée Jean, Geneviève Lafleur and Lise Lamarche.
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September 24,  2015 – January 17, 2016

Quantifiers :

Painting 1978-1997 and prints 1991-1992


_DSC3789_Photo Guy LHeureux

Sans titre, 1991, sérigraphie, 5/10, 112,5 x 76 cm

The Foundation opens its  season with an exhibition devoted to Molinari’s Quantifiers. This is a series upon which the artist concentrated his energies for the longest period of his creative life, namely some twenty years (from his first one-man exhibition at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal in 1979, through the making of Vent bleu, his impressively large 1997 polyptic.
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January 14, 2016

L’oeil avale:

a selection of poets at the Foundation


In the spirit of the vernissages at the L’Actuelle gallery, where poetry and pictorial art cohabitated,  L’oeil avale proposes an evening of readings of the works of 14 poets surrounding the tutelary figure of Molinari.
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November 15th, 2015 at 3 pm

Quatuor Molinari : Music to see I

Quatuor15novThe Guido Molinari Foundation is pleased to invite you to the first concert of the Music to see series of the Molinari Quartet, which will be held on Sunday the 15th of November at 3 pm in the main room of the artist’s former studio.

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October 15th, 2015 at 7 pm

Honey and Felt


Felt Suit, by Joseph Beuys

As part of the Festival Orange, the Foundation was pleased to host a performance by multidisciplinary artist Marie Brassard which took place in the space devoted to the exhibition of Guido Molinari’s Quantifiers, on Thursday October
15th at 7 pm.

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11th of June  through the 2sd of August, 2015


etude 1This exhibition reflects the impact on the production of artists Manon De Pauw and Sara A.Tremblay of their delvings into the works of Molinari during their residency at the Foundation.

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28th of February through the 1st of Mai, 2015

Molinari en noir et en couleur, 50 ans de “molinarismes”

Bi-sériel orange- vert 1967The Foundation presented a significant retrospective of Guido Molinari, at the Musée d’art contemporain in Baie-Saint-Paul (Quebec) under the title Molinari en noir et en couleur, 50 ans de molinarismes (Molinari in black and in colour, 50 years of Molinarisms).

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12th of February 2015 through the 26th of April, 2015

Francine Savard : Multi- noirs 1997-2014


Francine Savard, Suite 54,

Francine Savard, Suite 54, 2005

The companion show, Multi-Noirs, 1997-2014, bears a title inspired by a work by Molinari and revisits the work of the past few years of Francine Savard, an artist whose practice demonstrates
convincingly that geometric abstraction has not said its last word.  Her show will also feature an installation which is intended to subtly answer to Molinari’s adjacent final working space.

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12th of February 2015 through the 26th of April, 2015

Goguen/Molinari Drawings 1954-1959


Jean Goguen, 1958, Sans titre

Jean Goguen, 1958, Untitle, ink on paper, Collection Galerie Eric Devlin

It will be the occasion to renew acquaintance with a talented but too discrete artist, alongside a colleague who
followed much the same path, at a time when no clear certainties existed in the world of pictural abstraction.

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25th of September 2014 through the 25th of January, 2015

Cozic/Moli, the Seventies. A complicit allusion


Cozic, D’amour tendre, 1973, pelon, plush, kodel fabrics , 164 x 400 x 100 cm © Daniel Roussel

This was a show which suggested a most unseemly coming together, in both shape and colour, of playfulness and control, at a time when Moli’s principles seem to be less rigid while those of Cozic appear not to reject  a certain formalism.

A vintage view, but then again, perhaps not.

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25th of September 2014 through the 25th of January, 2015

Marc Garneau, 1982-1984. An eyeful of silence


Marc Garneau, In Memoriam, 1984, acrylic and conté crayon  on canvas, 195 x 349 cm – photography  Pierre Charrier

An exhibition of paintings and drawings produced by Marc Garneau during his Master’s term at Concordia University, where he studied with Guido Molinari. These works were exhibited in one or more of three one-man shows held during the period.

Our presentation will allow the rediscovery of this painter’s noted entry upon the Montreal scene.

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16th of October 2014 – 25th of January 2015

 Dance and visual arts, a meeting between Louise Bédard and the Cozic/Moli exhibition

IMG_1441 - copie-3 On Thursday, October 16th at 7 pm, following a residency at the Foundation, dancer and choreographer Louise Bédard presented an in situ performance created specifically for the exhibited works by Cozic and Molinari.

Performers : Marie Claire Forté and Alanna Kraaijeveld accompanied by Michel F. Côté

12th of June through the 24th of July 2014

Projet HoMa II- Les espaces réciproques

Louis Bouvier, Born to be wild, 2013, plomb sur papier, 129 x 100 cm.

Louis Bouvier, Born to be wild, 2013, plomb sur papier, 129 x 100 cm.


The Foundation participated in the Second Edition of Projet HoMa, jointly with the Maison de la culture Maisonneuve, an exhibition of works by critically acclaimed artists whose studios are located in the neighbourhood of the Foundation. The project was directed by C2S Arts et Évènements.

Curator : Ève Dorais

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17th of April through the 8th of June 2014

Stéphane La Rue- En Résonance

Stéphane La Rue, Comme une image (pour un ensemble) en deux mouvements, 2009, détail, graphite sur bois. Photo : Guy L'Heureux.

Stéphane La Rue, Comme une image (pour un ensemble) en deux mouvements, 2009, détail, graphite sur bois. Photo : Guy L’Heureux.

The exhibition was centered on a new variation to the exemplary series entitled “Comme une image (pour un ensemble)”, first shown at the Roger Bellemare Gallery almost five years ago. It also comprised selected series of works on paper created over the ten previous years.

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6th of March through the 5th of April 2014


Photo : Groupe Contrebande

Photo : Groupe Contrebande

The Guido Molinari Foundation presented under the title Contrebande, the work of seventeen members of the graduating class at the School for visual and media arts at UQAM.

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18 January to 1 March 2014

Molinari at Art Mûr Gallery : À la frontière du Monochrome


Quantificateur (gris) acrylique sur toile, 1988, 198 x 167,5 cm, Guy l'Heureux, SODRAC, Fondation Guido Molinari

Quantificateur (gris) acrylique sur toile, 1988, 198 x 167,5 cm, Guy l’Heureux, SODRAC, Fondation Guido Molinari

From January 18 through March 1, the Art Mûr Gallery presented three generations of artists whose paintings are «nearly but not quite» monochromatic.

The Guido Molinari Foundation lent a grey-violet Quantificateur  and several prints, which hung alongside works by Yves Gaucher, Neil Harrison, Braden Labonté, Michelle Lundquist, Barbara Todd, Henri Venne, and Jinny Yu.

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31 October 2013 to 23 February 2014

MOLINARI TIMES TWO : Paintings 1964-1968 and Works on Paper 1953-1957


Mutation jaune ocre, 1964, acrylique sur toile, Photo Guy l'Heureux

Mutation jaune ocre, 1964, acrylique sur toile, Photo Guy l’Heureux

The Guido Molinari Foundation, presented for its first official exhibition : two groups of Molinari’s works, separated by some ten years.

We are put in mind of chamber music upstairs and symphonic music downstairs. Or the works of a young creator shown alongside the production of a mature artist. Both comparisons are somewhat true, but then again….

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21 September to 5 October 2013

Molinari at the Valentin Gallery – GUIDO MOLINARI. Works from 1955 to 1959

Guido Molinari, Sans titre, 1955, huile sur toile, 54,5 cm x 67, coll. Fondation Guido Molinari, © SODRAC Photo : Guy L'Heureux Gallery owner Jean-Pierre Valentin, who typically opens each of his seasons with a prestigious exhibition, selected the work of Guido Molinari as the theme for autumn 2013. He selected paintings and drawings made between 1955 and 1959, which constitute, in addition to their intrinsic value, an irreplaceable introduction to the works of the 60s and following years.

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May 31 – June 30, 2013

Marc Séguin : Les Années Moli

passes_seguinThe Guido Molinari Foundation presented Les années Moli of Marc Séguin, an exhibition presenting work made between 1996 and 1998, at the time the young artist worked in a space on Chapleau Street which was put at his disposal by Molinari who was then both his teacher and his confidant.

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June 13- 23, 2013

Projet HoMa

ProjetHoma2013_Photo Guy L'HeureuxThe Guido Molinari Foundation participated, in partnership with the Maison de la culture Maisonneuve, in Projet HoMa, presenting works by artists having a studio in the neighbourhood. The exhibition presented the work of twenty-three artists selected by curator Geneviève Goyer-Ouimette

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September 28 – December 30, 2012

mSm – Molinari, Sala, Munari – Musée d’art de Joliette

MSM_22As a logical conclusion to the exercise, the exhibition created by independent curator Meredith Carruthers and organized by the Guido Molinari Foundation, found its way to the Musée d’art de Joliette, in an environment both different and similar to the place in which it had been created.

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October 9, 2011 – January 9, 2012

Molinari – Selected Works, Centre national d’exposition de Jonquière

Morceaux_choisis_afficheContinuation and end of the tour: the Executive Director of the CNE visited our exhibition in Sherbrooke and decided that it should be shown in the Saguenay region, where it occupied the Rio Tinto Alcan Room “the largest and most prestigious in the institution”, for a calendar quarter.

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November 27 – December 11, 2011

mSm – Molinari, Sala, Munari – Foundation Guido Molinari

passes_msm_fondation_2The young Italian sculptor, Andrea Sala, turned out to be the first artist in residence at the Guido Molinari Foundation. The experience gave rise to the creation of four new sculptures which served, among other purposes, to reconcile certain works of Molinari (1933-2004), with those of the Milanese multidisciplinary artist Bruno Munari (1907-1998).

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May 1 – May 31, 2011

Participation by the Guido Molinari Foundation in the 7th Edition of the Biennale de Montréal – BNL MTL 2011

IMG03The title of this event, La tentation du hasard, and more specifically its subtitle, “Toute pensée émet un coup de dés”, Stéphane Mallarmé, 1897, seemed to be made to measure for Guido Molinari. The Foundation therefore readily accepted the invitation of the Executive and Artistic Director of the Biennale, Claude Gosselin, to take part. The large room on the ground floor, open to the public for the first time, presented two significant groups of works from the beginning and the end of the artist’s career.

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October 9, 2011- January 9, 2012 / June 19 – October 2010 / January 28, 2009- March 28, 2010 / September 20 -December 2006

Molinari – Selected Works in the program entitled Conseil des arts de Montréal en tournée

Maison de la culture Maisonneuve

Seven exhibition center

Sherbrooke Museum


Morceaux_choisis_afficheThis exhibition, organized by the Guido Molinari Foundation in cooperation with the MDLC, presented 31 works by Molinari made between 1947 and 1998. Curated by Gilles Daigneault and Serge Marchetta.

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Over a period of 14 months, the exhibition created by the Guido Molinari Foundation, with more or less significant changes dictated by the configuration and the capacity of the exhibition halls in each of the centres which received the exhibition.

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The logical extension of the previous travel arrangements: curators from the SMBA saw the exhibition created by the Foundation and suggested that the exhibition be shown in Sherbrooke throughout the summer and at the beginning of the Fall.

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