Exhibition – Residency: Études by Manon de Paux and Sara A. Tremblay

June 11 to August 2, 2015

Études brings together works by Manon de Pauw and Sara A. Tremblay. These two multidisciplinary artists were “in residence” in our premises from May 7, 2015, giving them the time, in their words, to explore “the notion of pictoriality and its link with the creative gesture, delving into the work of Molinari as the starting point and the source of inspiration”.

The Études exhibition is the first collaboration between the two artists, showing “their experiments in situ and bearing witness to their recent production in video, installation, photography, sculpture, drawing and performance art”.

Description of research and residence

Manon de Pauw and Sara A. Tremblay share a certain restraint in the means selected in creating their images, as well as an attachment to things which are made by hand. Both of them create works which emerge from a performative process, in which the presence of the body is often obvious but not always visible.

Through processes based on accumulation, Sara A. Tremblay creates visual material by repetitive gestures which suggest a certain permanency. She transforms feelings into matter, sometimes reaching exhaustion. Sara’s presence in a specific place and time is inherent to her artistic practice.

The works of Manon de Pauw result from exploring the aesthetics of light, the possible effects one on the other of macro and micro, of the body and the cosmos. They invite the spectator to solve a visual mystery, to participate through the mind in the fabrication of an image being created, here and now.

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Images from the opening: